Practical Western Feng Shui

Einstein stated that everything is energy and mass is only a much denser vibration. Vibrations influence and change each other. Since we are energy beings, our Ch’i (life force) interacting with the vibration of our environment plays a big role in our wellbeing.

FengShuiPlanSmallFor over 2,000 years, people in China have been working with this vital Ch’i and the 5 elements in their homes to balance the forces of Yin and Yang. They called it Feng Shui (Wind/Water or Unseen/Seen).  Feng Shui is a holistic science to create a harmonious environment which fosters health, prosperity, and happiness – thus positively transforming our life.

Grandmaster Lin Yun, considered to be the father of Western Feng Shui, was the pioneer who simplified the complex Feng Shui principles to match our western way of living.

Western Feng Shui applies an easy to use formula for your whole house, a specific room, or just an area, like your desk, in order to:

– ignite a career

– be creatively inspired

– have healthy relationships

– increase prosperity

– strengthen your well-being, and

– design your environment to affirm the life you wish to lead.

The easy, practical steps to make the necessary changes include:

– an assessment of your home’s energy

– the influence of your environment on your life right now (e.g. a cluttered room fosters a ‘cluttered’ mind)

– implementing solutions that require minimum time and effort to improve your life

A lack of change keeps your life energy stagnant. Change creates space to allow new aspects into your life.


Practitioner: Bunny Hossain

  • Extensive in-home consultation and a plan of action.  The session is typically 2 hours and prepayment is preferred: $158
  • Advice on remedies for either a specific area in your life, or a room in your home, with an action plan. The session is typically 1 hour and prepayment is preferred: $98


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