Ethereal Guidance Channeling

Have you ever felt torn between two (or more) possible paths you could choose? Have you felt unsure about your purpose in life and wished there was a guide who could give you advice? During an ethereal guidance channeling session the practitioner tunes in to your higher self – the part of you that is completely void of your ego and has always knRaphaelown what is best for you, your spirit guides, archangels, ancestors, power animals, the fairy realms or any other ethereal beings who have advice and guidance for you. Acting merely as a channel, the practitioner delivers the messages of guidance directly to you without any filter.

Please have your specific questions prepared prior to the session. It is helpful to bring a recording device or pen and paper to this session to be able to remember the messages as they are given – completely optional but highly useful.

Ethereal guidance channeling sessions can very easily be combined with an energy healing session as the channeling can occur simultaneously with the healing. It can also be booked separately and is then usually conducted over the phone.

Practitioner: Yasmeen Hossain

  • Sessions can be conducted remotely
  • The rate for a session is: $44
  • If combined with an Energy Healing session, the rate is: $22


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