The influence of our planets and the constellations of the stars together reveal who we are, where we are going, and what events lie on the path of our journey.

To make this meaningful for your life, we offer the following astrology-based readings:

Life Path Counseling

Moon-nodesHere you will rediscover your Life Direction and Soul Purpose – uncovering the invisible patterns of our evolutionary unfolding to propel you on your journey to healing, wholeness, meaningfulness, and deep happiness.

It will help you to answer such questions as “Why was I born at this particular time and place?” or “Did I come here to learn or experience something unique to me?

Optimal Timing for an Eventbiwheel

In the not too distant past, rulers and persons in power would always consult their personal astrologer before starting any event. Using astrology, we are once again able to choose the propitious times for the commencement of any undertaking.

If your horoscope shows a certain time to begin something as not being favorable, why not begin at some other time when the horoscope favors the venture?


Synastry grid indicating compatibility.

Compatibility and Relationships

Ever wondered how compatible you are with your partner, friend, or lover? My astrological analysis reveals a whole new level of understanding between people by creating synastry charts to assess the positives and the challenges. This works with any two people, be they relatives, children, a current or potential spouse, a new friend, and even colleagues.

Your Ideal Place to Live

When you move to another location – to settle down, for a holiday, or just travelling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated.

Using the powerful techniques of mapping in astrology, we can discover where you are best affected and how. Not only can you understand what forces influence you in your present or future location, but I can show you the best places on Earth to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, improved health, love and romance, prosperity, and adventure.


Charting a Child’s Potential

Raising children is a big job, no matter what your kid’s zodiac sign. Guiding them to their true potential is an even more challenging task. Learn how your child’s zodiac sign shape his/her personality and temperament. Learn how to be the super parent by understanding our child’s strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and potential.

Practitioner: Zahid Hossain

  • Sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely
  • Each Session takes about one hour or longer
  • The standard rate per session is: $150


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