My Grandmother’s Herbal Wisdom – Rosemary

Spring is in the air. Our physical bodies are ready to cleanse. Adding fresh herbs and spices to our meals enriches them with vital nutrients and minerals.

One of them is rosemary.RosemaryBush

Rosemary is a warming herb that recalls memories of Italy. Sun-warmed walls along cobble stone roads in Italy are the perfect place for big, strong scented rosemary bushes to grow.

Rosemary’s properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Boosts energy (good in the morning)
  • Improves memory

Rosemary bushes are tough and will survive winter if well-covered up with fir branches, straw or mulch. Then in Spring, a good cutting is all a rosemary bush needs. In summer, let it grow abundantly between roses. The scent of its oil will ward of  insects and pests that attack rose bushes. Whenever it needs cutting back, just hang the cut branches in a darker corner in the kitchen to dry slowly for your winter’s supply of dried rosemary to use in cooking.

Rosemary also symbolizes FIDELITY – great when used in wedding meals, dried branches in wedding decorations or the bride’s bouquet or use it in date night meals with you romantic partner. 


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