Crystal Medicine: Sore Throats

Sore throats are no fun, especially when they occur in the spring, when the weather is finally warming up and life is returning in the world.

I should mention that I am writing this blog post while recovering from strep throat and it is finally a balmy 60F in Vermont with a blue sky but I feel too miserable to go outside to enjoy any of it.

If only there were a way to gently speed up the body’s natural healing process without harsh medicine or chemicals.. but wait there is (dan-dan-dan)..

Throat Chakra

The throat area is governed by the appropriately-named throat chakra. It speaks to open, honest communication, feeling strong and secure in your beliefs and convictions (as it literally supports/holds up our brain), and is also related to your ears, hearing what you want to hear, keeping your ears open to receive open communications from others, in addition to hearing yourself, your thoughts, your very own open communication with yourself.

So if you have an ailment in your body that falls into the throat chakra area (throat pain, thyroid issues, larynx, tonsils, ear ache, stiff neck and shoulder pain, etc.) it might be healing to ask yourself some questions about the origin of your discomfort:

  • Have I been slacking in communicating my feelings, desires and frustrations openly and honestly with the people around me? Am I holding back, being untruthful to myself?
  • Is there something I haven’t wanted to hear? Am I avoiding receiving bad news, undesirable information or someone else’s truth?
  • Am I wavering in my own beliefs – am I letting outside forces crumble my belief system, negating my morals and values?

However, if you are already feeling quite miserable with pain, going on a search for the deeper meaning of it all may not be what you want to embark on at the moment – maybe once you feel a bit better.

So, I like to ask the crystals for help in relieving my symptoms.

Crystals to Use..

As a rule, blue, green, and blue-ish-green-ish crystals work wonders on the throat chakra, some of my favorites are Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Azurite and Blue Kyanite.

..And How to Use Them

You could wrap a crystal in a scarf and tie it around your neck – especially if you are already wearing a scarf because of throat pain. Or simply place a crystal on your throat area while watching a movie or listening to music for about 15-20 minutes. You can do this repeatedly throughout the day.

There are also pendants and necklaces made of these crystals that when worn enhance and balance out the throat chakra – so if you are prone to chronic sore throats it might be nice to wear a crystal pendant on a daily basis.


Chrysocolla beads with a Lapis Lazuli heart


I have a beautiful mala made of Chrysocolla beads, that I attached a Lapis Lazuli heart to. I love wearing this mala.



I also am a big fan of the amazing clearing, cleansing, anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties of Shungite (also known as the “stone of life” for its renowned healing properties). Shungite is over 2 million years old and has been used by healers for centuries. There is much to say about Shungite, it warrants a separate blog post (stay tuned for it).

But for now – if you are struggling with a bacterial or viral infection, I recommend drinking Shungite infused water. You place a piece of Shungite (wash it first) into a clear glass bottle or clear glass of water. Set it in sunlight for at least half a day, and then let it sit over night. In the morning, strain the water into a drinking glass and drink throughout the day. You can do it for the duration of your symptoms – and beyond if it feels right to you.

Speedy recovery and happy healing!


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