Zahid Hossain

Life Path Guidance Using Astrology, Palmistry, Psychology, Physiognomy, Numerology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Regression Therapy

Zahid has been referred to as “the real deal” by his many clients – one who gives compassionate, meaningful guidance, and interpretation of the concepts of the metaphysical.

It is always Zahid’s aim to help you understand your mission in life, recognize your potential and talents, and guide you with easy to follow steps to achieve your goals. 

Who is this man who lived on three different continents – in the US since 1996 after having lived 24 years in Switzerland and a childhood in Bangladesh?

Zahid was born into a noble Bengali/Indian family of Nawabs and several generations of famous healers, astrologers, and palmists. Early in life, Zahid showed signs of having inherited his forefathers’ intuitive metaphysical abilities when he gave his first intuitive reading at the age of eight for a young police officer of his father’s precinct. All that he predicted came true. Soon, more and more people sought his advice. Now the spark was ignited and books on palmistry and astrology became his most read literature.

When Zahid’s father was posted as Ambassador to Switzerland, the family followed. When he did a palm-reading for his then German teacher and predicted a complete change in her life, little did he know that he was the one to be instrumental in that change. Today she is his lovely wife.

War on the Indian subcontinent and the death of his father was a life-changing event for his family. Zahid now began his corporate career and climbed the success ladder from Philip Morris, to Dow Chemical, to KPMG, and on to Accenture – to the neglect of his passion for palmistry, astrology, and the metaphysical.

Eventually the intense pressure of a high position in Corporate America overcame his physical resistance when he succumbed to 3 heart attacks and had to undergo surgery. His final wake-up call came when he had a near-death experience in the last intervention. In the brilliant white light, his guiding spirits made it clear to him he was to return and complete his life’s mission.

This ultimately forced Zahid to rethink his life’s purpose and refocus on his innate talents and inherited gifts. He obtained certifications as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Regression Therapist, Success Life Coach, Reiki practitioner, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in order to better serve you using a well-rounded, holistic approach.

With his passion for palmistry, astrology, and other modalities he has been practicing, Zahid likes to create a composite picture of your past, present, and future – in order to identify opportunities in your life, relationships, career, and health, enabling you to change what is not serving you well.

In his mission to guide you on your life path, Zahid focuses on who you are, discovers the key to repeating patterns, maps out past influences from genetic inheritance and the karma that encourages your soul to learn, evolve, and experience life, while compassionately identifying the areas in which you have an opportunity to grow in order to fulfill your true potential.

Many individuals, as well as children of all ages, benefited from Zahid’s vast knowledge and experience for several decades. He held workshops in Ashburn (Virginia), Sarasota (Florida), Fairbanks (Alaska), and Boca Raton (Florida). Now he is available as your personal life coach in Sarasota, Florida. He also offers readings by phone for those who cannot see him in person.