Yasmeen Hossain

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Yasmeen is on a lifelong quest to live a sustainable and environmentally responsible life in harmony with all beings – be they human, animal, plant or other.. She grew up with the herbal healing wisdom of her mother, the skills of palmistry and astrology of her father and has discovered an incarnational talent for energy medicine slumbering within herself.Leafgnome

Over the course of four years she studied under a talented medical intuitive as well as a shaman in Alaska, enjoyed training at the world-renowned Findhorn community in Scotland and has attended – and continues to attend – workshops and seminars in chakra healing, aura reading, geomancy, earth acupuncture, removing entities, psychic reading, crystal medicine, channeling and Theta healing.

In addition to being an adept student of the ethereal, Yasmeen was awarded a Ph.D. in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She is now completing her first book on the topic of spiritual guidance – from a humorous perspective. She enjoys helping people heal from ailments through deep-level energy healing and chakra balancing, in addition to channeling ethereal guidance for all matters of the head and heart.

Her academic background coupled with her passion for energy medicine lends itself well to writing spiritual blog posts, leading workshops, teaching classes on a wide variety of topics, and actively working to integrate communities into environments that are sustainable for them.