Bunny Hossain

Coaching and Counseling Using Techniques Encompassing Educational Psychology, Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystal Healing, Herbal Healing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Western Feng Shui

Bunny has been described as “a gentle being, a patient teacher, simplifying the sometimes-complex truths of life, and guiding others by opening one door at a time to the higher wisdom of the universe”. 

Born in Germany in northeast Bavaria, Bunny worked for over 40 years as an international educator using not only psychology, but also exploring spiritual healing paths, incorporating Kundalini Yoga, Kinesiology, herbal wisdom passed down from her German grandmother, crystal work and Reiki.

Bunny has always been a strong conduit of energy channeled through her secondary hand chakra. So when the opportunity presented itself to study energy therapy in Sedona, she recognized that this was to be her next step in life, and went on to become a Master Instructor and Master Practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy®.

As a Master Instructor and Practitioner of IET®, Bunny will guide you to unlock your soul destiny and true potential

  • Detecting imbalances and interferences in your energy biofield,
  • Releasing damaging, subconsciously withheld tensions, negative thought patterns, hurts from past emotional wounds, and karmically inherited fear,
  • Finally imprinting life-affirming new beliefs, and harmonizing, frequencies to renew the energy flow of your life force.

After a session, people have reported feeling a lightness, a clarity, a confidence that was not there before. They say they feel newly empowered to make choices that create the life they came to live.