The Educational Holistic Institute (EHI) was founded in December 2001, by Zahid Hossain, with a mission to enhance metaphysical and spiritual enrichment in the community.  Zahid was born into a noble Bengali family of Nawabs and several generations of famous healers, astrologers, and palmists.  He is continuing his family’s legacy by utilizing his intuitive gifts in guiding clients towards truly positive life transformations.

Since its founding, EHI has grown in a multitude of ways.  The variety of services offered has grown, additional practitioners joined the Institute – including Zahid’s wife Bunny and his daughter Yasmeen.  The geographic scope has widened from the mid-Atlantic to encompass workshops, seminars, therapeutic and counseling sessions across four continents – from the Indian subcontinent to Australia, to Europe, to the US, and to Costa Rica.

The Educational Holistic Institute’s practitioners are dedicated to bringing greater consciousness, love, and enlightenment to the world.

Zahid Hossain, Founder & Astro-Palmist


Bunny Hossain, Energy Medicine Practitioner


Yasmeen Hossain, Energy Medicine Practitioner