A Pinch of Feng Shui for your Kitchen

“What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible for the senses” – Albert Einstein

The kitchen is one of the primary places of health and wealth in every home according to Feng Shui principles. In order to maximize and attract the energy of health and wealth for all of your home’s inhabitants, here are some simple tips:


  • Display healthy fruit in a precious bowl to enrich prosperity energy.
  • It is important to have tidy, cleared countertops and organized cupboards. No clutter! Energy gets stuck in a cluttered environment preventing it from flowing freely, creating a sense of “stuck energy.”
  • Hide sharp knives in a drawer. They carry “sharp”, threatening energy and no one wants to be confronted with that in a kitchen.
  • Kitchens emphasize the water element due to the kitchen sink, running water, cooking water in pots and so on.  To balance out this predominant water element, which can act as an energy drain, introduce the wood element to your kitchen.  This can easily be done with  wood or ceramics features, such as tiles, a clay pot with wooden cooking spoons, a wooden cutting board, etc.
  • Grow fresh herbs near the sink. Live plants bring in healthy energy and are a wood element.
  • Be in command of the room! If your back is to the entrance while cooking nervous, threatening energy will arise. Use a mirror tile or shiny tray to let you see the entrance while you are facing the sink or stove to avoid this negative energy.
  • Last but not least spend time with family and friends in your kitchen, cooking, laughing and sharing good meals!

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